VMC-500LG / VMC-650LG / VMC-760LG 3 Axis High Speed Vertical Machining Centers

VMC-500LG / VMC-650LG / VMC-760LG 3 Axis High Speed, Compact Vertical Machining Centers

Premium 3 Axis, High Speed, Compact Vertical Machining Centers with Linear Guideways – Well Built and Affordably Priced
  • Gross Weight: VMC-500LG  2850Kg / VMC-650LG  3000Kg / VMC-760LG 3500LG
  • Dimensions: 1650x2500x2500mm / 2150x2500x2500mm / 2000x2520x2600mm

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If you are looking for a new VMC that is Well-Built, Sturdy and delivers reliable Performance and Accuracy, that is built-to-last – Look no further than the Gate-Eclipse ‘M’ Series.  Depending on your machining needs, we offer various travel lengths with great capacity to satisfy all demands.

The NEW – Gate – Eclipse VMC-500LG / VMC-650LG / VMC-760LG 3 axis Linear Guideway VMC’s are designed and built to meet the ever- increasing demands for powerful and reliable machines with high efficiency and Highly accurate machine performance.  10,000 rpm Standard Spindle Speeds with options of (12-15,000 rpm for Belt-type and Direct Drive spindles) (24,30 & 36,000 rpm for built-in spindles), Arm Type ATC ensures quick tool change and chip to chip times and 36m/min or 48m/min rapid traverses ensure that workpieces are completed in the quickest of times.

The Gate-Eclipse M Series uses roller type linear guideways, a high-precision main spindle with thermal expansion stability and a robust and compact structural design with high durability.

All our machining centers come with a 2 year warranty as standard.

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