High Quality, High Specification Universal Milling Machines, only from Gate Machinery International Ltd

All out Universal Mills come with a 2 year warranty, as standard (3 years for education)

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  • Manufactured by: Gate Machinery International Ltd
  • Shipping Weight: 1000 Kg


If you’re looking for a new Universal Milling Machine for your Home workshop, Technology Lab, Tool room or Production workshop, the Gate PBM-UM1 Universal Mill is what you are looking for.

Ideal for Education and Industry alike, these machines are a high quality alternative that will last.

All Gate PBM-UM1 Universal Milling Machines come with a 2 year warranty, as standard (3 Years for Education)

The Gate PBM-UM1 Universal Milling Machine has a 1100 x 250mm Table, ISO-40 Spindle, 3HP main motor and a 6 Speed geared Head.  With a comprehensive range of equipment including; Interlocked Machine Guarding, Longitudinal Geared Feeds and rapid with Manual Cross and Table Up and Dow, One Shot Lubrication, Coolant Equipment and Splash Tray, as standard.  These Mills are extremely good value for money.


Digital Readout is available in 2 or 3 Axis (Fagor 20iM / 30iM / 40iM)

A wide range of Machine Options are available – please enquire for details.

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