Horizontal Spindle Saddle Type Surface Grinding Machines


The Gate Saddle type series is our most popular range covering a range of working traverses from 280 × 600mm to 440 × 1100mm. These machines are suitable for toolrooms, light and medium industrial, production and educational use.

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Max. cross × longitudinal travels 280 × 600mm
Spindle centre height from table 490 (580)mm
Grinding surface of table 250 × 500mm
Hydraulic table speed (60Hz) 1-25(0.3-25)m/min
Hydraulic motor 0.75KW/1HP
Intermittent cross feed (electro-mechanical) approx. 0.1-10mm/feed
Continuous cross feed (electro-mechanical) approx. 1000mm/min
1 revolution on cross handwheel 4mm
1 division on cross handwheel 0.02mm
Rapid vertical traverse (approx.)(option)(50Hz) 240mm/min
1 revolution on vertical handwheel 1mm
1 division on vertical handwheel 0.005mm
Wheel dimension (O.D × W × I.D)-standard 355 × 25 × 127mm
Max height from table top to bottom of standard wheel 312mm
Spindle motor 2.2KW/3HP
Spindle speed 50/60Hz 1500/1800rpm
Net weight of machine 1350Kg
Gross weight of machine 1700Kg
Packing dimensions (L × W × H) 1.77 × 1.5 × 1.95m


Standard Machine equipped with power rise and fall to the wheelhead.
Electronic The machine is fitted with a computerised programmable Automatic Downfeed. Rough feeds and fine
feeds can be programmed with up to 10 spark-outs to complete the cycle. Rough feeds: 0.001-0.999mm
programmable up to 999 passes. Fine Feeds: 0.001-0.099mm programmable up to 99 passes. The
machine automatically stops at the end of the grinding cycle.
Electronic Plus As per Electronic, plus hydraulic wheel dresser with diamond and auto dressing compensation.

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