The new Gate – Eclipse CNC Cylindrical Grinding machines come in two sizes – 270mmØ & 350mmØ with 600mm between centres. With easy to program controls these machines are ideal for all small to medium sized grinding applications.
They are precise and accurate and are ideally suited for aerospace, medical and high accuracy ground parts production. A wide range of accessories and options make these machines extremely versatile. All Gate machines are supplied with a 2 year warranty as standard.

Ideal for:

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  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • High accuracy components manufacture

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Swing over table 350mm
Distance between centres 600mm
Max. workpiece weight – centre work 60Kg
– centre work 20Kg
Wheelhead and feed
Grinding wheel dimension OD × Width × ID 405 × 32-50 × 152.4mm
Wheel speed 1850rpm
Max. wheel circumferential speed 2000mm/min
Traverse length 250mm
Swivel angle + / – 15° + / – 15°
Manual in feed (Ø) 0.001, 0.01, 0.1mm
Traverse length 700mm
Swivel angle – towards operator
– towards operator
Manual infeed (Ø) 0.001, 0.01, 0.1mm
Workhead type Dead / Live Centre
Work spindle speed 30-360mm
Taper no. MT No.4 MT No.4
Diameter of through hole 25mm
Taper no. MT No.4
Spindle stroke 32mm
Wheelhead infeed servo motor 1.5KW
Table infeed servo motor 1.5KW
Wheelhead spindle 3.75KW (5HP)
Workhead spindle 0.4KW (½HP)
Hydraulic pump 0.75KW (1HP)
Wheelhead lubrication pump 0.1KW (1⁄8HP)
Coolant pump 0.2KW (¼HP)
Tank capacity
Wheelhead lubrication tank 30L
Hydraulic tank 60L
Coolant tank 80L
Floor space (Length × Width × Height) 2700×1520×1650mm
Net weight (approximate) 2200Kg



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