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Gate Machinery Celebrates 50 Years

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2014 saw Watford based Gate Machinery International Ltd celebrate a half century in the
machine tool business.

From humble beginnings in Acton – London, in the early 1960’s as part of the B Elliott
Group, and under its present ownership (1993 – 2014), Gate Machinery International Ltd has
always strived to deliver high quality machines, equipment and service, through innovative
product design, to its thousands of customers in the UK and overseas. Fifty years on, the
company has an enviable portfolio of high quality machinery and equipment to meet their
customers’ needs and expectations.

2014 was a busy year for Gate which saw the launch of a new web site and facebook page as
well as several new product launches and the company has seen strong growth during the
year. It has also been a year with sales and orders up on the same period last year and a
strong order book that will see the company achieve record a record turnover figure by the
year end in March 2015.

Gate managing director Alain Fidelia says “For our business to turn fifty is a real milestone in
today’s ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ mind set. Our customers can take comfort from the
knowledge that we bring a wealth of experience to the table and that we will be around to
support them in the future. It gives them the confidence to purchase their machinery from us
and it is that confidence and trust going forward that will help us to be successful for another
fifty years.”

Two products launched in 2014 are worthy of note:-

New – Gate PBM-TM2000 

https://www.gatemachinery.com/product/pbm-tm2000 - Click for more info 

New PBM-TM2000 - Training Mill - LH

Developed to meet the needs of Educational Establishments and safety conscious

Manufacturers, the PBM-TM2000 is the result of innovation and design to meet their
customers’ requirements and expectations of a 21st century Turret Milling Machine. “Our
customers asked us to develop a machine that was safe yet practical and functional and
pleasing on the eye. The PBM-TM2000 ticks all those boxes.” said managing director Alain

Powered by a 3hp variable speed head delivering a speed range of 60-4200 rpm, with an R8
spindle with 3 rates of quill down feed, the PBM-TM2000 also features; Align CE500P X &
Y axis power feeds, automatic lubrication, Align PD-150 air powered drawbar, light and
coolant equipment. A fully enclosed and interlocked table guard is fitted for operator safety,
with sliding doors and removable end panels, to accommodate longer work pieces, adjustable
rear splash panels, front drip tray and a fold down panel on the front right side of the guard to
facilitate manual quill operation making it a very practical and multi-functional guard. Full
length rear splash guarding directs any excess coolant directly into the generously
proportioned fibreglass stand-on splash tray. The Fagor 20iM / 30iM (2 or 3 axis) Digital
Readout display is integrated into the machine’s control panel which is conveniently located
at the side of the machine on a pendant arm for ease of use. All Fagor digital readouts feature
a clear display panel, bolt hole drilling, linear drilling calculation, tool radius compensation,
corner rounding, part centering, multiple datums, inch / metric conversion, absolute /
incremental & part alignment, all as standard.

Mr Fidelia added: “The new PBM-TM2000 Turret Mill has been well received with dozens
of machine orders since we began advertising them in September. Whilst we are not
surprised by their popularity, the rapid rate of uptake of these machines has put pressure on
our stocks and machines selling out before they reach our showroom. We are confident that
supply will stabilise and begin to keep up with demand in the 1st quarter of 2015.”

New – Gate-Eclipse ECM-1/2/3G2 CNC Knee Mills

https://www.gatemachinery.com/product/ecm-1g2 - Click for more info 

ECM-1G2 3 Axis Fagor control

The New generation of CNC knee mills from Watford based machine tool company Gate

Machinery International Ltd are proving very popular with customers in industry and
education alike. The Gate-Eclipse ECM-1/2/3G2 machines are available in 2 or 3 axis and
feature the popular Fagor 8055iA with both conversational and G-code based programming.

Ideal for one off and small batch production as well as educational and training
establishments there are three models to choose from; 1) – ECM-1G2 with a 3hp braked
motor, R8 spindle, 1067 x 230mm table (42”x9”) and 50-3750 rpm programmable spindle
speeds. 2) – ECM-2G2 with a 3hp braked motor, R8 spindle, 1270 x 254mm table (50”x10”)
and 50-5000 rpm programmable spindle speeds. 3) – ECM-3G2 with a 5hp braked motor,
ISO40 spindle, 1270 x 254mm table (50”x10”) and 50-5000 rpm programmable spindle

All models feature a swivelling control unit mounted on a cabinet with lockable door, with 2
spacious shelves for storage on heavy duty castors enabling it to be positioned wherever the
operator needs it and then locked in position by applying the castor locks. The table handles
enable manual movement of the table and an electronic hand wheel (MPG) is provided for
fine positioning, setting datums and tool setting etc. A halogen light, automatic lubrication
and Align PD150 air powered drawbar are also included as standard. An interlocked table
guard with sliding front doors provides a safe working environment for the operator.

Gate managing director Alain Fidelia says “Our new generation of CNC Knee Mills go
beyond the capabilities of most equivalent machines on the market. With Fagor, we have a
control that is one of Europe’s preferred brands for controls and digital readouts, which
means that our machines sell just as easily in Europe as they do in the UK. Customers find
the control easy to use and Fagor’s special simulation control package is ideal for classroom
based training. The synergy of traditional machine and innovative design make our machines
stand out. They are ‘Well Worth a Closer Look’.”

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