VRA-ISO40 Right Angle Milling Head – Vertex

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1. Used on vertical milling machines for horizontal work.
2. Rigidly constructed for heavy-duty cutting.
3. Clamping bushing to suit milling machine.
1. Can also supply special dovetail degree – please notify.
2. VHA-Type including right-angle head, long horizontal arbor and bracket. VHA-R-8- 22m/m. VHA-NT-30/NT-40-27m/m.
3. The quill diameter is the same as the VRA Type.
Please Specify the Quill diameter when ordering

Order No. Suitable milling head quill diameter Weight Code No.
VRA-NT 40 85.725, 100, 105, 110, 115mm 20Kg 1008-003

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