VM-320X5 5 Axis Vertical Machining Centre


Gate – Eclipse VM-320X5 announces the arrival of the next generation of 5 axis vertical machining centres. The combination of high spindle speeds, rapid machining rates, high accuracy and a 320mm trunnion table makes this machine one of the best in its class. All Gate machines are supplied with a 2 year warranty as standard.

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High dynamic table
Rotary table top diameter 320mm
Table height 1160mm
Tilting axis A +120° / -30°
Rotary axis C 360°
T-slots (number × width × pitch) 12H7mm
Max. weight on table 100Kg
Rotate on driving system Worm-gear driven
Linear travels
X axis 400mm
Y axis 560mm
Z axis 400mm
Spindle taper ISO40
Tooling available BT40/DIN69871/CAT40
Spindle speed – direct drive 12000rpm (std.) / 15000rpm (opt.)
Spindle speed – built-in 18000rpm / 24000rpm (opt.)
Spindle motor output S1-S6 – in-line 10KW / 14KW (Heidenhain)
Spindle motor output S1-S6 – motorised 20KW / 25KW
Spindle centre to Z-axis way cover 595mm
Distance from spindle nose to rotary table clamping surface 100-500mm
X axis Ballscrew ø40×P16; C3
X axis Transmission Direct
Y axis Ballscrew ø40×P16; C3
Y axis Transmission Direct
Z axis Ballscrew ø40×P16; C3
Z axis Transmission Direct
Guide way
X guide way X-axis linear guide type 35 (roller)
X guide way X guide way distance 360mm
Y guide way Y-axis linear guide type 35 (roller)
Y guide way Y-axis guideway distance 700mm
Z guide way Z-axis linear guide type 35 (roller)
Z guide way Z guideway distance 400mm
Tool magazine
Tool change mode Arm
Magazine capacity 24 (std.) / 32 (opt.)
Tool shank BT/DIN/CAT#40
Max. tool length 245mm
Max. tool diameter 80mm
Max. tool diameter – adjacent stations empty 130mm
Max. tool weight 8Kg
Change time (T-T) 2 seconds
Feed rate
Rapid traverse X/Y/Z 48m/min
Max. speed – axis A 25rpm
Max. speed – axis C 25rpm
Acceleration X/Y/Z 6 ms-2
Accuracy- VDI/DGQ 3441 standard
Measuring system direct
Repeatability +/-0.005/300mm
Positioning accuracy 0.005mm
A-axis indexing and repeatability accuracy 60/8 sec.
C-axis indexing and repeatability accuracy 20/4 sec.
Pneumatic system
Air operating pressure 6 bar
Tool cooling system
Max. tank capacity 260L
Machine data
Machine dimension (with chip conveyor) L×W×H 3110 × 2990 × 2960mm
Machine dimension (without chip conveyor) L×W×H 2254 × 2990 × 2960mm
Weight 5000Kg
Floor space (L × W × H) 3110 × 4000 × 3000mm



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