High Quality, High Specification Horizontal Semi-Automatic Bandsawing Machines, only from Gate Machinery International Ltd

All our Bandsaws come with a 2 year warranty, as standard (3 years for education)

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  • Manufactured by: Progress
  • Machine Weight:  470Kg


If you’re looking for a new Horizontal Bandsaw for your Tool room or Production workshop, the Progress PR-13SVA Swivel Head Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw is what you are looking for.

Ideal for Education and Industry alike, these machines are a high quality alternative that will last.

All Progress PR-13SVA Horizontal Bandsaws come with a 2 year warranty, as standard (3 Years for Education)

The Progress PR-13SVA Swivel Head Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw 330mm (13″) round bar with a vice that will open up to 480mm (19″).  The bow swivels from -45 deg. to +60 deg. for that perfect mitre (Capacity reduces to 305mm (12″) round at +/-45 deg. and 204mm (8″) at +60 deg.  The bow raised automatically at the end of the cut. The Variable Speeds and Hydraulic dampening can be finely adjusted to ensure optimal Speed/Feed Ratio for smooth cutting.  Adjustable Blade Guides ensure a straight cut and a lazer guide ensures optimal setting up.  The Hydraulic Blade Tensioning Device ensures that the blade is correctly tensioned and there is a swarf brush to keep the blade clean after the cut.  A Coolant system is built-in to keep the cutting edge of the blade cool.  These Bandsaws are extremely good value for money.

The Progress PR-13SVA Horizontal Bandsaw is three phase and is floor mounted.

The machine is supplied with a Bi-metal Bandsaw blade.

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