HV-4 Horizontal and Vertical Rotary Table – Vertex


Outer diameter Height Base Dimension Width of T-slot Weight
Order No. A1 D H H1 A B e Type Kg
HV-4 58 110 72 80 138 118 11 7.5

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  • 1. Table is made of high density Mehanite and uses “HEIDENHAIN” electronic equipment to inspect angles to assure the excellent quality and durability.
  • 2. Using high quality machining centre to process. Fitted with high accuracy bearings. Stable under load cutting.
  • 3. Worm is hardened and ground. The ratio is 90:1. The work table is graduated a full 360° so that one turn of the handle moves the table through 4°. Micro collar is graduated in steps of 1’min. Vernier scale makes settings down to 10 seconds possible.
  • 4. These rotary tables are popular for their excellent performance, practical design and reasonable cost. They are widely used for circular cutting work, angle setting, boring, spot-facing and similar work.
  • 5. Using the key guide block, the centre can be corrected both quickly and accurately.
Accuracy Variation (inches) (mm)
Item No. Testing Objective Maximum Tested
1 Flatness of clamping surface (concave) 0.0006(0.015)
2 Paralleism of clamping surface to base 0.0008(0.02)
3 Squareness of clamping surface to angle face 0.0008(0.02)
4 True running of clamping surface 0.0006(0.015)
5 True running of centre hole
(1) Measured at hole edge (1)0.0008(0.02)  (1)
(2) measured at arbor 4in. long (2)0.0012(0.03)  (2)
6 Indexing accuracy of direct indexing mechanism maximum cumulative spacing error 45″

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