Travelling Column Series

Travelling column series

This series of long bed travelling column type Surface Grinders ranges from 500 × 1000mm to 600 × 2200mm working surface. They feature the computerised Automatic Downfeed system as standard (Electronic), with the option of automatic wheeldressing and compensation (Electronic Plus). These grinders are suitable for larger workpieces and production grinding applications that require high accuracyand surface finish of a high quality. All Gate machines come with a 2 year warranty as standard.

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Max. cross × longitudinal travels 660 × 1650mm
Spindle centre height from table 700mm
Grinding surface of table 600 × 1500mm
Hydraulic table speed (60Hz) 1-25m/min
Hydraulic motor 3.7KW/5HP
Intermittent cross feed (electro-mechanical) approx. 0.1-15(0.1-30)mm/feed
Continuous cross feed (electro-mechanical) approx. 1500(50-1500)mm/min
1 revolution on cross handwheel 5mm
1 division on cross handwheel 0.02mm
Rapid vertical traverse (approx.)(option)(50Hz) 240mm/min
1 revolution on vertical handwheel 0.25mm
1 division on vertical handwheel 0.002mm
Wheel dimension (O.D × W × I.D)-standard 355 × 50 × 127mm
Max height from table top to bottom of standard wheel 522mm
Spindle motor-std(optional) 7.5(11)KW/10(15)HP
Spindle speed 50/60Hz 1500/1800rpm
Net weight of machine 7400Kg
Gross weight of machine 9000Kg
Packing dimensions (L × W × H) 5.3 × 2.3 × 2.6m


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Travelling Column Series”


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