ECL-760 & ECL-890

The Gate – Eclipse range of Heavy Duty CNC Lathes are designed to undertake larger diameter work from 760mm to 890mm diameter over the bed, and 1020mm-1150mm diameter in the gap and up to 6000mm between centres. Spindle bores range from 106-305mm making these machines extremely versatile for larger work. They are ideal for oneoffs and small batch work, as well as production work. The user-friendly Fagor 8055iA makes them easy to program. Complex work can be achieved after only one dayʼs training. All Gate – Eclipse CNC lathes are supplied with a 2 year warranty as standard.

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Swing in gap 1020mm
Swing over bed 760mm
Swing over cross slide 420mm
Distance between centres 2200/3200/4200/5200/6200mm
Hole through with hyd. chuck (option) 92mm for 106 bore
Gap length from spindle nose surface 372mm
Max. work piece weight (with tailstock) 3000Kg
X axis 455mm
Z axis 2000/3000/4000/5000/6000mm
Speed range (standard) 15-2500rpm (106 bore)
Speed range (option) 10-2000rpm (153mm bore)
10-1000rpm (230mm bore)
10-850rpm (305mm bore)
Suitable chuck size (option) 305mm (106mm bore)
406mm (153mm bore or bigger)
Spindle nose A2-11 (106mm bore)
A2-15 (153/230/305mm bore)
Spindle hole diameter 106mm (standard)
153mm, 230mm & 305mm (option)
Motor power 22/33KW (standard)
30/40KW (option)
Max. speed torque 176Kgm (standard)
Turret (option)
Number of tool stations (VDI 40/50) 12/8
Tool allowance (VDI 40/50) 25/30mm
Tool shank 40/50mm
Feed rate
X axis rapid traverse 10m/min
Z axis rapid traverse 12m/min
Jog feed per revolution 1000mm/rev
Positioning 0.015mm
Repeatability 0.01mm
Overall bed guide width 560mm
Cross slide guide width 300mm
Feed motor
X axis power 10Nm
Z axis power 19.5Nm
Ball screw
X axis 40mm
Z axis 63mm (shorter and 3M length)
80mm (longer and 4M length)
Quill stroke 230mm
Quill diameter 125mm
Quill inside taper 6MT
Pump motor 750W
Pump capacity 17L/min
Pump pressure 3.5kg/cm2
Pump motor 12W
Pump capacity 130cc/min
Length 4900/5900/6900/7900/8900mm
Width 2185mm
Height 2120mm


ECL-760 & ECL-890

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