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The BS-0 Semi Universal Dividing Head is a tool that is used to divide a circle into equal spacers. The most common use is in the accurate manufacture of splines, gears and keyways that are required to be at a specific angle to each other.

The BS-0 Semi Universal Dividing Head can be tilted through a full 90 degrees from horizontal to vertical making it a must when manufacturing bevel gears or keyways in tapers.

The BS-0 Semi Universal Dividing Head comes with a backing plate which can be used to fit a 130mm front mounted 3 Jaw Chuck.

– The Vertex Dividing Head is suitable for direct and indirect indexing
– Hardened and ground spindle rigidly held between taper roller bearings
– Improved design with spindle spigot nose for a more accurate chuck mount
– Worm is hardened and ground with ratio between worm and worm wheel 40-1
– Dividing plates are designed to allow easy indexing on numbers 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 24
– The head can be swivelled from 10º below horizontal to 90º vertical
– Designed to carry out all types of gear cutting, precision dividing

• Backing Plate suits 130mm Front Mount 3 Jaw Chuck
• Dividing Plates
• Tailstock

Optional Accessories
• Replacement Dividing Plates

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